What is Yacht Management? And What does a Yacht Manager do?

Are two questions that we are frequently asked – here is a brief explanation:

Yacht management is a service that provides owners of yachts with a range of support services, including:

  • Crew management
  • Technical support
  • Financial management
  • Safety and security
  • Compliance
  • Chartering
  • Refit management
  • Documentation
  • Legal services

Yacht management companies typically have a team of experts who can handle all aspects of yacht ownership, freeing up the owner to enjoy their yacht without having to worry about the day-to-day details.Some of the benefits of using a yacht management company include:

  • Cost savings: Yacht management companies can often negotiate better rates for services such as crew, fuel, and maintenance.
  • Peace of mind: Yacht management companies have the expertise and experience to ensure that your yacht is properly maintained and operated.
  • Time savings: Yacht management companies can take care of all the paperwork and logistical details, freeing up your time to enjoy your yacht.

If you are considering buying a yacht, or if you already own a yacht and are looking for a way to reduce your workload, then yacht management may be a good option for you.Here are some of the most common tasks that yacht management companies handle:

  • Crew management: Yacht management companies will recruit, hire, and train the crew for your yacht. They will also handle the crew’s salaries, benefits, and travel arrangements.
  • Technical support: Yacht management companies will provide technical support for your yacht, including maintenance, repairs, and refits. They will also keep your yacht’s paperwork up-to-date and ensure that it is compliant with all relevant regulations.
  • Financial management: Yacht management companies will handle the financial aspects of yacht ownership, including budgeting, accounting, and tax preparation.
  • Safety and security: Yacht management companies will ensure that your yacht is safe and secure. They will conduct safety inspections, install security systems, and provide training for the crew.
  • Chartering: Yacht management companies can charter your yacht out when you are not using it. This can be a great way to offset the costs of ownership.
  • Refit management: Yacht management companies can coordinate and manage refits for your yacht. This can be a complex and time-consuming process, so it is helpful to have a team of experts who can handle it for you.

The specific services that a yacht management company provides will vary depending on the company and the needs of the owner. If you are looking for an authentic service then we would be pleaseded to talk to you. There is a lot to consider, we are learning all the time ourselves from experience and our experiences are unique to us.

We can save you more than our fees – no idle boast, we can prove it and will guarantee it. Yacht Management and Super Yacht Management putting your interests first. 

Motor and sailing yachts up to around 24 meters often do not have full-time or part-time crew.  Power To Sail have run Yacht Management services and Care package for owners for over 10 years; we have the personnel to run it efficiently. For larger yachts we usually work with two specialist companies, irrespective of the size, type of yacht and the owner’s requirements.

Working with locally based experienced yacht crew, trusted and accredited service engineers, we can offer a year-round cleaning and yacht management services – whether that takes the form of a monthly all inclusive package, just winter works or full super yacht management.

See below for the four packages we propose – all of which can be customised to suit individual requirements. Available throughout the French Riviera, based at Port Vauban, Antibes. Covering Golfe-Juan, Cannes and all ports through to Monaco. For larger yachts which are crewed, we work on a global basis. Talk to us about your requirements.

Available from our home port of Port Vauban, Antibes. Also available at Port Canto, Cannes, Le vieux Port, Cannes, Port Camille Rayon and Le vieux Port in Golfe-Juan. Port Gallice, Antibes and all ports east through to Monaco.

Example of a Monthly Package

  • Wash-down                 Twice – soap wash superstructure, decks and stainless.
  • Check lines/fenders
  • Check ground lines, fenders and check for any water ingress at least twice per month, more after any inclement weather and high winds
  • Check battery charger function/ Shore power
  • Run air-conditioning/heating – flush WC’s periodically
  • Run up engines and generators
  • Act as Emergency Contact for the Capitainerie.

Winter Works

  • Remove Bimini top
  • Put on winter covers
  • Clean and store exterior cushions
  • Remove tender – service engine and store
  • Clean engine room
  • Fill fuel tanks and treat with antibacterial product
  • Treat black and grey water tanks with deodoriser/cleaner
  • Check operation of all systems – engines, generators, water-makers, steering, trim tabs, Audio Visual, deck gear, windlass, cranes, bow and stern thrusters, hull fittings and valves – then advise on service/repair during lay-up or during Shipyard period
  • Advise/act on servicing or replacing Safety Equipment
  • Treat teak decks
  • Empty and clean all lockers and bilge areas and repack as necessary
  • Provide quotes for servicing of main engines, generators, and gear boxes

Management ONE – a technical audit of your boat so we can advise on the steps that you ought to take in order to run your boat efficiently. We look at the available ownership and service history – any surveys which have aready been undertaken, and we put it into a dossier along with a spreadsheet signaling service intervals and check intervals of the components. A Technical Audit* will take 3 full days plus travel – 1 day on board and 2 days office based – travel time and time overruns will not be charged for. Any works carried out since the last survey can be documented and acknowledged. We will send you e-mails and/or WhatsApp messages to remind of service intervals and interventions needed – such as operating sea cocks. € 1,800 per annum (€ 150 per month) payable upon booking the Technical Audit.

Management PLUS – a technical audit as above plus organising crew, yard periods, servicing, running repairs and cleaning. No commission is sought and if offered will be paid back to the client. Management PLUS clients will benefit from discounts offered to Professionals from suppliers of parts and services. So, there is no mark up of goods and services. Engines, generators, and ancillary equipment can be run during visits. Cost € 1,800 payable upon the booking of the Technical Audit* plus € 600 per month.

Full Yacht Management – this service is only offered to clients where we have Service Centres nearby – namely between San Remo and Cannes. Empuriabrava and Valencia and the South Coast of the UK. We do a minimum of two security visits per month – we take care of all the disbursements for servicing, crewing, hotel supplies, parts and fuel. We can act as Central Agents for Charter (if required) and will advise on all aspects of the safe running of the yacht. The initial Technical Audit is included in the fees and crew – whether full time, employed seasonally or employed on an ad-hoc basis will be audited to ensure that the weekly/monthly checks are done. Engines, generators, and ancillary equipment can be run during visits. Price is € 2,000 per month April to September and € 1,000 per month October to March.

Super Yacht Management – for fully crewed yachts of all sizes, but generally speaking between 24 and 90 meters. The most economical running of a yacht possible, without detriment to the ownership experience nor the morale of the crew.

The service basically covers all aspects of yacht ownership relieving owners of the day to day management of their yacht. We are accountable and will publish regular reports, but not limited to:

Technical Management

Crew recruitment

Crew contracts and payroll

Class compliance


Refits and winter works

Operational expenditure

Crew vehicles


Charter Management