Brokerage Information

Brokerage is the buying and selling of a motor or sailing yacht on behalf of a vendor / seller or buyer. The broker is employed by the seller sell his/her vessel at the best price possible. Conversely, brokers can be appointed by a buyer to help find a suitable vessel and to help negotiate the purchase.  An experienced broker will know the best way to present an offer in order to protect the interests of the purchaser.  Most clients are very experienced buyers but not necessarily of yachts.  The broker’s remuneration is usually paid by the seller and forms a percentage of the selling price.

Yacht Finance

This has become increasingly difficult to secure in recent years; however, some lenders, providing a significant deposit is paid (33-50%) are beginning to look more favourably at lending again. Leasing in some parts of the Mediterranean is still an option, especially in countries such as Italy and France. Leasing is still considered to be an excellent means of reducing the VAT liability for your yacht; providing of course that it is not already in a leasing scheme or non VAT paid.

Selling a yacht

Achieving a timely sale requires a combination of knowledge, experience and ability to negotiate at the highest level. By far the best way to obtain a speedy sale at the best possible price is to select an exclusive agent to handle all aspects of the sale. Appointing a broker as Central Agent ensures the widest possible marketing of a yacht, through a worldwide network of brokerage companies as well as by having direct access to one of the larger client database in the yachting industry.

What can we offer:

Power To Sail proudly offers a comprehensive sales and brokerage services at very competitive rates to yacht owners.  With so much experience gained by sourcing and selling boats, we have encountered most eventualities.   As with all responsible brokerage houses, we operate client accounts, we have professional indemnity insurance and are very keen to conserve our hard won good reputation.  If the yacht you are looking for is not listed on this website, please contact us.  We can search the new and re-sale market offering any yacht that may be right for you.