Power To Sail


Greece has such a rich history and culture and yet is loved for the aqua blue seas, the spectacular bays, and the many unique and special islands which constitute one fifth of the country’s land. The Greek islands cradle some of the most ancient and prosperous European civilisations (the Cycladic, Minoan, etc.), visible today through the archaeological sites, architecture, sculptures, paintings, crafts, fascinating local traditions – all part of a multifaceted cultural past.


You will marvel at the contrasts of present-day Greece, of simple and sophisticated, f ancient and modern, of sun and wind. The food is incredible whether you eat in the traditional tavernas or sample the modern cuisine in divine restaurants – and all of this served with the oldest of Greek traditions – the warm hospitality of the Greek people

The Ionian Islands are located off the west coast of Greece and are composed of Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Lefkada, Ithaka, Paxos and Kythira. They are well known for their beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Every Ionian island has a distinct character and between them they offer a unique experience of swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling, water skiing, sailing and windsurfing.

The Aegean Sea, which contains more than 1000 islands, is the arm of the Mediterranean between Greece and Turkey. The Aegian Islands include the windy, wild and rocky Cyclades such as Myconos, Naxos and Santorini, famous for their, beautiful landscapes and the white houses with blue windows – as well as the shopping and nightlife. Then there are the Northern Aegian Islands near Turkey, the mountainous Dodecanese islands and last but not least the largest Greek island of Crete.