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Corsica & Sardinia

Corsica, known to the Ancient Greeks as Kallisto -“the most beautiful” – well deserves the name Island of Beauty. This island is one of the three largest islands in the Mediterranean.

The island has wide stretches of uninhabited terrain and large open spaces among the mountains, the forest and along the coastal area. Trees cover nearly half the countryside where mountain peaks reach to a height of 8,900 feet – all encircled by 600 miles of an enchanting coastline. Apart from wonderful sunshine, the quality that makes Corsica so special is its rich variety of people, scenery, traditions and dialects.

A stunning sight in Calvi is the Citadel or upper town with 13th-16th century ramparts which stand on a rocky promontory that juts out to the sea. The Gulf of Porto surrounded by red granite cliffs, is another breathtaking sight, especially at sunset.


Sardinia, is one of the most beautiful islands on the Mediterranean. If you are looking for a classic luxury vacation, few places will satisfy you better than the Costa Smeralda, where kings and magnates have been mooring their yachts for decades. Sardinia has a unique Mediterranean beauty to be explored; imposing granite cliffs, a rocky coastline with secluded bays, a verdant green mountainous interior all surrounded by a brilliant turquoise sea.

Perfect for diving and water sports, Porto Cervo, in Gallura on Sardinia’s north-western coast, is the centre of the so called Costa Smeralda, and one of the most prestigious tourist areas in the region. The picturesque pink terracotta villas and buildings vie for attention with luxury mega yachts. The beautiful people meet on the Piazzetta and the shopping is a dream. Porto Cervo is a haven for the yachting set with soft white sandy beaches and many little inlets only accessible by sea.